Random is as random does.

I’ve decided to walk you through a period of time in my house. This is being written in real time as I sit here, just the words that are coming to my head no preconceived ideas. I’m trying to write this as all 3 kids are running around, the eldest is shouting down random comments … Continue reading

Putting the 3yr old to bed and reading the bedtime story. “ The Brachiosaurus was the largest animal on land.” “No mummy, stop. You’re wrong.” ‘Well that’s what it says here in the book, the Brachiosaurus.” “NO. It’s the Broccolisaurus. “ Waving hands for emphasis. Laughing a little because, hey, that’s cute. “Do NOT laugh … Continue reading

Dear Word press

Hello there Word press, I’m terribly sorry we had such a long break but you see I’ve been super busy (that is a lie). I’ve finally made a start on that book I always promised I would write (lie) I spent some quality time with my kids and didn’t just let them play video games … Continue reading

A short journey in to grief.

A slight departure from the norm of this blog but I needed to take a moment to talk about grief.  I wanted to put things on a page that are inside my head and hope that by doing so perhaps I could help them rest. I lost my dad nearly a year ago now, that … Continue reading

How to de-stress your time with your children.

I’ve been spending some time reading parenting websites. They are my usual source of entertainment. Aside from Pintrest, but I only use that when I’m feeling particularly sadistic and need to beat myself about how unorganised my house is, how boring my hair is , how I can’t remember any inspiring quotes nor fashion an … Continue reading

Things to never say to a special needs mum.

Awareness of Autism and Aspergers is growing, people are starting to understand and appreciate a little more about the workings of an autistic mind, television characters like Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) Abed Nadir (Community, also my favourite) or even Brick Heck (The Middle) are all bringing ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to the forefront of … Continue reading

But the summers are awesome.

There are several things that living in Canada over the wintertime has taught me. Whatever the weather report says, it isn’t true. If it says there will be blizzards, fully expect to look out of the window and see a few tiny flakes. If your phone is consistently telling you there will simply be a … Continue reading