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Putting the 3yr old to bed and reading the bedtime story. “ The Brachiosaurus was the largest animal on land.” “No mummy, stop. You’re wrong.” ‘Well that’s what it says here in the book, the Brachiosaurus.” “NO. It’s the Broccolisaurus. “ Waving hands for emphasis. Laughing a little because, hey, that’s cute. “Do NOT laugh … Continue reading

Dear Word press

Hello there Word press, I’m terribly sorry we had such a long break but you see I’ve been super busy (that is a lie). I’ve finally made a start on that book I always promised I would write (lie) I spent some quality time with my kids and didn’t just let them play video games … Continue reading

A short journey in to grief.

A slight departure from the norm of this blog but I needed to take a moment to talk about grief.  I wanted to put things on a page that are inside my head and hope that by doing so perhaps I could help them rest. I lost my dad nearly a year ago now, that … Continue reading

Things to never say to a special needs mum.

Awareness of Autism and Aspergers is growing, people are starting to understand and appreciate a little more about the workings of an autistic mind, television characters like Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) Abed Nadir (Community, also my favourite) or even Brick Heck (The Middle) are all bringing ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to the forefront of … Continue reading

Conversations with a friend.

Texting with a friend. Friend: Should I buy these shoes? Me: Yes. F: I haven’t sent you the picture yet. M: Ok. *waits an appropriate amount of time* Buy them. F: You didn’t look at the picture did you. M: I glanced. F: Look at the bloody picture and tell me if I should buy … Continue reading

Real, proper grown up stuff.

I’m very excited, it’s almost like Christmas. In fact to make it more like Christmas I waited until everybody had gone to bed and ate 3 mince pies and the good ones from the Quality Street. Not the toffee pennys, those things are some kind of weird dentist conspiracy to remove your fillings. I digress, something real … Continue reading

Egg Snot

I can’t poach an egg. This isn’t a euphemism for life or some kind of inspirational thing where the tag line is something like ‘life is an egg’ or another collection of random words that leave you to find some totally ambiguous meaning which you will immediately apply to your own life then post on facebook with … Continue reading