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You can’t do that.

A while back I wrote a piece about things to never say to a special needs mum. I can’t read that piece back any more. It came from anger, I was so angry the day I wrote it and it came across. I flinch when I think about it. I have to admit something that … Continue reading

But the summers are awesome.

There are several things that living in Canada over the wintertime has taught me. Whatever the weather report says, it isn’t true. If it says there will be blizzards, fully expect to look out of the window and see a few tiny flakes. If your phone is consistently telling you there will simply be a … Continue reading

Useless fact of the day.

If I wasn’t such a lazy cow I would throw away the ham that’s sat on my work top and my house wouldn’t smell quite so meaty.   New levels of laziness reached.

My after Christmas list.

    A list of things that did not come out of my mouth over Christmas and New Year. Some probably should have, some were best left unsaid.     Yes, I have had enough chocolate, thanks.     There’s no need for wine today.     I’ve spent enough money, let’s not go to … Continue reading

Something strange is happening to me.

There are times in your life when you have to realise you are getting older, the first time your kids use a word you don’t understand, songs stopping being relevant and becoming a  noise, walking  in to Claire s Accessories for fancy dress items instead of something nice to wear with your new top or being excited … Continue reading