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Not easier, just different.

“I just want to leave home” he sobs, “I just want to get out of here”. I stare at my teenager on the couch opposite me as he chokes out the words. It’s a taken a morning walk out with an epic door slam, a day of radio silence over phone and text and 45 … Continue reading

A 10 step guide on how to Pinterest.

I admit something; sometimes my lack of interest in arts and crafts bothers me as a mother.  Not because of anything I do but because of Pinterest. It’s there, it mocks me. It lays out a beautiful lifestyle that I could have and all it will cost me is several mason jars, a soft focus … Continue reading

The real rules for the early days.

I have been stupidly busy. We are moving house which has meant going from room to room and packing. However if there is one thing I have learned in the 2yrs we have been here is that I have a gift. That gift is the ability to accumulate useless crap like my life depends on … Continue reading

A moment to judge.

Congratulations, you’re pregnant or expecting a child any other way. Are you prepared for what happens next? I’m sure everybody has told you about the sleepless nights, the lack of money, the stretch marks and the destroyed house. They have knowingly looked at you with a twinkle in their eyes and told you to be … Continue reading

How to de-stress your time with your children.

I’ve been spending some time reading parenting websites. They are my usual source of entertainment. Aside from Pintrest, but I only use that when I’m feeling particularly sadistic and need to beat myself about how unorganised my house is, how boring my hair is , how I can’t remember any inspiring quotes nor fashion an … Continue reading

Seriously, save your money.

Just recently I was browsing the wonders of the internet and came across possibly one of the most repugnant and useless baby products I have ever seen. We all know as parents that companies try to trick you in to buying things you really don’t need or will ever use. Things like The Baby Bullet; not as … Continue reading

I am a marketing genius

There’s a special kind of hell reserved for parents. The soft play area. Someone, somewhere thought to themselves. Well sometimes parents don’t want to spend an afternoon baking or making macaroni pictures with their children, they want to alleviate the guilt of letting them play Halo 4 for hours just for the peace and quiet … Continue reading

I don’t follow trends, I set them.

You bundle up in the winter gear to get the toddler to preschool. You get there and toddler decides to have a total  fit about you leaving and attaches to your leg. So as a compromise you stay for 5 minutes and play cars before you get out of there. Remember the winter gear? It’s … Continue reading