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I love (secretly loathe) myself.

I love (secretly loathe) myself.

  I’ve read all the inspirational Blogs, I’ve seen all the inspirational memes and drunk in all the love yourself quotes. I am a strong, independent woman and I love my body!   Except maybe my stomach, it does sort of stick out like I’m pregnant all of the time.     But enough of … Continue reading

On why it’s ok to be alone.

I’ll be honest, this started off a short piece about Mothers Day and how it’s perfectly OK to be alone if that is what you need. Then as I wrote I realised that being alone at any time is OK too yet, for some, it is the scariest thing they can imagine and I started … Continue reading

The Black Dog.

  Once there was a lady. A quite unremarkable lady, one you wouldn’t really stop and ask how her day went. You would smile at her and say good morning and as she walked away she would slip from your mind.   The lady had a husband who loved her dearly and two children she … Continue reading

Sometimes it’s not worth it.

What happens when you meet your idol? You know, that person you just want to lick from eyeball to toe. Will you behave the way you think you will in your head? All cool and sophisticated. Are you more likely to turn to a mush of hormonal wetness on the floor and slide home?   Well … Continue reading

Random is as random does.

I’ve decided to walk you through a period of time in my house. This is being written in real time as I sit here, just the words that are coming to my head no preconceived ideas. I’m trying to write this as all 3 kids are running around, the eldest is shouting down random comments … Continue reading

Close enough

I went to the gym yesterday. Well, the front of the gym. More like the front desk. Closer to the door. Like the very front of the door. Outside. I walked past. I walked past the gym yesterday. I’m exhausted.

A crisis of self confidence.

You do something you love, you start to write. You write about things that have made you inwardly laugh to yourself, you write about rubbish conversations you have had or your children being insane and you’re enjoying yourself doing it, it’s a release. Then something strange happens, people start to read it, they start to … Continue reading

The homesick heart.

Have you ever experienced home sickness? I really think there is a reason it’s called that, sickness. Because that’s how it feels, like a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach you can’t escape from, your heart actually hurts and you feel nauseous. Please don’t misunderstand, I love living here in Canada, it’s been … Continue reading