Putting the 3yr old to bed and reading the bedtime story.

“ The Brachiosaurus was the largest animal on land.”

“No mummy, stop. You’re wrong.”

‘Well that’s what it says here in the book, the Brachiosaurus.”

“NO. It’s the Broccolisaurus. “ Waving hands for emphasis.

Laughing a little because, hey, that’s cute.

“Do NOT laugh at me Mummy. The book is wrong. It’s a Broccolisaurus.”

“I’m fairly sure you pronounce it Brachio…….”

“You are wrong and the book is wrong.”

Moments silence as we stare each other down, I pick up the book.

“Right then, the Broccolisaurus was the biggest land animal.”

Contended sigh of self-righteousness from the 3yr old


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