Dear Word press

Hello there Word press, I’m terribly sorry we had such a long break but you see I’ve been super busy (that is a lie). I’ve finally made a start on that book I always promised I would write (lie) I spent some quality time with my kids and didn’t just let them play video games (that’s such a big lie it almost doesn’t count).
I also finally made a large dent in organising my house, now I can find all my paperwork, always have clean ironed clothes in the drawers, am totally up to date with bill paying and know what we are having for dinner every given night of the week (basically read that sentence, take the exact opposite of everything I said and know that to be true).
I stopped existing on pop tarts and coffee and am now an expert in all things organic (if by organic you mean sugar filled breakfast toastable treats)
So you see Word press, all in all I have become a well-rounded individual and absolutely did not figure that it was summer time, screw it I’m kicking my heels back for a few months, laying around a pool, drinking on a weekend and forgetting my own name.
I’m starting to suspect I’ve become a model citizen.


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