Posted in February 2013

Close enough

I went to the gym yesterday. Well, the front of the gym. More like the front desk. Closer to the door. Like the very front of the door. Outside. I walked past. I walked past the gym yesterday. I’m exhausted. Advertisements

Seriously, save your money.

Just recently I was browsing the wonders of the internet and came across possibly one of the most repugnant and useless baby products I have ever seen. We all know as parents that companies try to trick you in to buying things you really don’t need or will ever use. Things like The Baby Bullet; not as … Continue reading

A crisis of self confidence.

You do something you love, you start to write. You write about things that have made you inwardly laugh to yourself, you write about rubbish conversations you have had or your children being insane and you’re enjoying yourself doing it, it’s a release. Then something strange happens, people start to read it, they start to … Continue reading