Posted in January 2013

I am a marketing genius

There’s a special kind of hell reserved for parents. The soft play area. Someone, somewhere thought to themselves. Well sometimes parents don’t want to spend an afternoon baking or making macaroni pictures with their children, they want to alleviate the guilt of letting them play Halo 4 for hours just for the peace and quiet … Continue reading

I don’t follow trends, I set them.

You bundle up in the winter gear to get the toddler to preschool. You get there and toddler decides to have a total  fit about you leaving and attaches to your leg. So as a compromise you stay for 5 minutes and play cars before you get out of there. Remember the winter gear? It’s … Continue reading

Useless fact of the day.

If I wasn’t such a lazy cow I would throw away the ham that’s sat on my work top and my house wouldn’t smell quite so meaty.   New levels of laziness reached.

The homesick heart.

Have you ever experienced home sickness? I really think there is a reason it’s called that, sickness. Because that’s how it feels, like a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach you can’t escape from, your heart actually hurts and you feel nauseous. Please don’t misunderstand, I love living here in Canada, it’s been … Continue reading

My after Christmas list.

    A list of things that did not come out of my mouth over Christmas and New Year. Some probably should have, some were best left unsaid.     Yes, I have had enough chocolate, thanks.     There’s no need for wine today.     I’ve spent enough money, let’s not go to … Continue reading