Conversations with a friend.

Texting with a friend.

Friend: Should I buy these shoes?

Me: Yes.

F: I haven’t sent you the picture yet.

M: Ok. *waits an appropriate amount of time* Buy them.

F: You didn’t look at the picture did you.

M: I glanced.

F: Look at the bloody picture and tell me if I should buy them.

M: They are shoes,  just buy them already. I don’t want to look at pictures, you are wasting buying time.

F: I asked you because you are a shoe person.

M: Hence my answer. I don’t need to look. just buy them, buyyyyyyy them, they want you, they need you, buy themmmmmmm.

F: You are a terrible friend and person.

M: Which is why you like me, now buy the shoes.

F: I will.



A few hours later.

M: So did you buy the shoes?

F: I did!!

M: Oh that’s a shame, I just looked at the picture, they are hideous.

F: I will get a plane, fly to Canada and I will hurt you, actually hurt you.

M: That’s cool, just don’t do it in ugly shoes.


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