Cheese before bed.

Last night during my teabreak I composed a blog post. It was funny and poignant, it made you laugh and made you stop and think for a moment. I only had 5 minutes so I jotted it down on a napkin and made sure to keep it safe in my pocket. After my teabreak was over I got back in to my scrubs and headed out for another shift in the E.R with my best friend after we laughed had hysterically when I accidentally opened the store cupboard door instead of the staffroom door and Santa was inside making his lists.

I woke up shortly after that and realised I had never been an E.R nurse, pink scrubs probably wouldn’t suit me, I hadn’t written that amazing  blog post and my feet were sticking out of the duvet which left me open to attacks from the monster under the bed.

No more cheese before bed.

It could have been worse, last time I was a Roadie for Rod Stewart.

* An important note, Santa would not make his list in a cupboard. He has a nice chair in front of the fire for that while Mrs Claus whips up some egg nog. True fact.


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